Project "Should've Said No"

Do you love Taylor Swift?  Have you ever had your heart broken by a cheating boyfriend?  Do you find yourself emotional and belting out the words to "Should've Said No"?  Listen up!

Fans of Ms. Swift, join us in a very special project.  We will be putting together a 3-4 minute video with "Should've Said No" as the backdrop.  What we're asking is for fellow fans across the world, to submit their own footage.  All the footage will be put together, in a music video style video and sent to Taylor Swift.

If you find yourself connecting emotionally to her lyrics, this is a great chance to let it out.  Have the last laugh as your cheating ex-boyfriend watches you personally call him out.  Get the chance to show Taylor just how much her music touches you.  Taylor loves her fans above everything else, and she gives us so much.  Let's give back!

What you need to do.

GET CREATIVE!  Think of fun and innovative ways to sing your heart out.  You don't even have to actually sing.  The song will be dubbed over voices anyway, so if you feel like lip syncing, feel free!  Find an old picture of you and the cheater, rip it up as you sing.  Stand on top of your car, singing the words loudly for everyone to hear.  Drive around in your car with your friends, belting out the lyrics.  Do whatever you'd like.  It can be recorded on a video camera, digital camera, laptop camera -- whatever.

- Must be playing "Should've Said No" in the background while singing
- Must submit by no later than February 20, 2009.
- Must send the video, along with your name to:
- Must be the ENTIRE SONG
- Please do not send extra long footage.  Keep it simple, sing the song and send it our way.

*** We want this to be a surprise for Taylor, so try your best to spread the word to fans without plastering it all over her myspace account ***

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us.  When sending your video, please do so in the following ways.  1)  Attach the video directly to the e-mail OR 2) Upload the video to media upload website and send us the link (i.e.,, etc). 

The second method is preferred, but either way is accepted.

Have fun guys, and don't forget -- be creative!